Buggy Intel drivers, F11, plymouth and VESA

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello, I've been having problems with video drivers (Intel GM965/GL960) since F10, the screen is freezing often and ctrl+alt+backspace doesn't do anything. Heard those drivers are kind of buggy... no big deal I switched to VESA in system-config-display and it always worked perfectly for me. The big problem came after installing F11 : same problems with the Intel's driver but this time the system won' t start anymore with VESA (it freeze before loading GDM). I suspect Plymouth to be the problem here so I tried to disable, uninstall it but no way to get rid of it. So my questions are : - is there really a problem using Fedora in VESA mode and Plymouth? - Can I get back to RHGB? Thanks for your help ! (HowTos)