bugfix kde 4 start menu -- Is there a fix somewhere?

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – The start menu in kde 4 is broken. Shutdown and restart are missing. I hope they weren't removed for some wacky paranoid security reason. My Linux partition is encrypted and I use strong passwords. Any sensitive files or folders that I have are also encrypted. The switch user doesn't work. Although present, they just either lock the user's screen with a password needed to log back in or log out the user entirely. Linux is, last I heard, a multi-user capable operating system. The switch user button never really worked well at all & I usually avoided using it. Even XP can handle this sort of challenge. When I was running Fedora 7 with KDE 3.something or other, these functions worked flawlessly. They also worked under Fedora 8. The logout button appears to work properly. I had a whole bunch of updates to install, resulting in the start menu breaking. The damage is restricted to KDE. The updates have improved my wireless connection, sound quality and speed. I'm running the newest kernel for Fedora 11, which is what I'm using with KDE 4. I would rather not break KDE entirely or have to use another desktop. I tried fluxbox, but I would like to stick with KDE. What I'm worried about is whether or not KDE will simply continue to deteriorate or break entirely. (HowTos)