Buffer overflow doesn't run

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http://stackoverflow.com РI try an basic buffer overflow, i overwrite the saved EIP on the stack an jump on to the adress. This adress point to à shell variable who containt my shellcode. But on gdb, program sigserv on the first nop on the nopslide. I lauch th program like this command: gdb-peda$ r $(python -c 'print "A"*22 + "\x5f\xb8\xff\xff"') I have this trace: [----------------------------------registers-----------------------------------] EAX: 0x1a EBX: 0xf7fc3ff4 --> 0x15dd7c ECX: 0xffffaf38 --> 0xf7fc44e0 --> 0xfbad2a84 EDX: 0xf7fc5360 --> 0x0 ESI: 0x0 EDI: 0x0 EBP: 0x41414141 ('AAAA') (HowTos)