Btrfs converting from ext4 - some questions

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – I'm thinking of switching to Btrfs.a) I read the wikis about the converting tool.problem is, I want to make of two ext4 partitions one Brtfs partition with them as subvolumes to make use o dynamically expanding storageI got:Sist. Arq. Tam Usad Dispon. Uso% Montado em /dev/sda1 8,3G 5,2G 2,8G 66% / /dev/sda2 509G 430G 80G 85% /homeso, no space to move files around.Is there any way to achieve this?b) I want to use compression, too.After coverting to Brtfs and aplying compression in fstab, how can I force all data to be rewritten? capoeira https://bbs.a (HowTos)