Browse Securely Online With OpenDNS

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – Ever mis-spelled a web address and found yourself on the wrong websites or worse a Mega-Porn online studio? If you think it’s just a coincidence — think again, because that is no coincidence, it’s a well-planned trick to get you on that site. With OpenDNS, you can put that to rest and browse online securely without worrying about jumping to a pornographic websites or sites hosting malicious contents just by mis-spelling a web address.   OpenDNS is a globally-distributed Domain Name System (DNS), Web content filtering and Typo correction security infrastructure that allows you to browse the web securely.  Use their vast database of threat analysis to protect yourself against phishing, spam, adult contents and harmful stuff online.   Click here to register for the free service and begin protecting yourself online. Once you’ve registered, click here to download OpenDNS Updater for Windows or Mac clients and configure your DNS settings.     1) When prompted, click Run     2) Click the Install button to install. Next click Finish when finished installing.     3) Enter your OpenDNS username and password. If you don’t have an account, register for one.       4) Next, click start –> and type the terms ‘network and sharing’ in the search box. When it open, click Manager network connections on the left.       5) Next right-click on ‘Local Area Connection’ and select Properties. Then select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list and click Properties.       6) Enter the following IP addresses in the DNS field. and     7) Click OK when done. And that’s all to it. Now your DNS infrastructure is now part of OpenDNS system which will be filtering your contents and websites. Join the forum discussion on this post — (1) Posts (HowTos)