Broblem with USB stick and Wi-Fi connection with F12 beta

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi all! I've just installed F12 beta on my netbook (MSI U100). Installation schema: /boot (250Mb) on /sda5 (yes, on extended partition, but this probably is not important); / (5Gb) on encrypted logical volume; (no swap) The first problem was terrible display flickering. I fixed that with nomodeset kernel parameter as advised at common bugs. Now I face 2 problems which have a synergic negative impact on my user experience :) 1) It looks like F12 doesn't recognize my Wi-Fi card - NetworkManager applet shows only wired network. This prevents me from updating through network. 2) It looks like F12 doesn't notice I'm inserting my USB stick (any of them) - it is not shown on desktop, it is not present in Nautilus, no activity in tail -f /var/log/messages and event stable 0% CPU load in SystemMonitor. I can't use wired network, and without both Wi-Fi and USB it's quite hard even to update packages to newer version :) Any ideas? P. S. My USB stick is fine, and my Wi-Fi card are fine - they all works well when I boot another Linux on this netbook. (HowTos)