Brainstorm: Ubuntu should make money by selling Stickers

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http://linuxers.org – Today while browsing Brainstorm I came across this cool idea about how Ubuntu should make money to fund its projects. The proposed ideas ranged from adding advertisements in forums, selling it at low price to showing advertisements while installation. But the most voted idea was to make money by selling Metallic Ubuntu stickers. Yes, similar to the Intel one we see on our laptops. According to readmanner, the user who proposed it: Ubuntu should sell the metallic bezel kind of stickers, kind of how the Intel inside stickers are. Some places have designed some that say "Designed for Ubuntu" with the ubuntu logo on a metallic sticker, they are good, but not everyone wants to lie about it, the computer was not designed for ubuntu, (but it may have been purchased with Ubuntu in mind). Chk out this "powered by Ubuntu" sticker As a matter of fact, Ubuntu does sell stickers but they definitely need improvement. Metallic stickers, as stated and shown above, will be a good option. On googling "ubuntu stickers" I found these. Source: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ideatorrent/idea/23594 (General)