Brainstorm: Easier access to Wine for Installation of .exe files

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http://linuxers.org – We all once had this stage in life when we tried to install .exe files on Linux thinking that it would work, at least I did. I didn't know about wine then and I am pretty sure neither do new users these days. So, a brainstorm user klau3 proposed an idea to inform the user about wine when he double clicks on the .exe file trying to install it. I know that open-source linux alternatives for most of the windows applications exist but there is nothing wrong in informing the new user about wine. Actually I believe, it will be a good way to show him the power of community and open-source development . Anyways, this is the mockup proposed by klau3 of the info window or infobox when a newbie double clicks the .exe file. Source: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/23641/ (General)