Brain Surgery Scheduled this week...

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http://www.linuxforums.org – This weekend I received a little extra cash as an early Christmas present and was instructed in no uncertain terms to do nothing responsible with it and spend it only on toys. I love gifts like that. Naturally, I decided to upgrade my laptop's RAM. Currently Rig 4 has 2GB of RAM divided among 2 single-gig sticks. The maximum amount for my motherboard is 4GB, so I ordered a pair of 2GB sticks to replace them. They should come in the mail tomorrow or Thursday (yay Newegg!), and that's when the fun begins. You see, unlike most laptops my Dell 1520 has a particularly devious (or boneheaded, if you prefer) design that puts one RAM slot under the chassis with an easy access panel and the other underneath the keyboard assembly hidden by a large metal plate. Here's a run-down of the whole process I plan on performing: PC Tip Guys - How To Upgrade Dell Vostro 1500 and Inspiron 1520 RAM User-friendly it is not. Suffice to say I have no intention of ever removing said RAM, hence why I decided to go with the maximum amount it could handle. This will limit my on-the-laptop testing to 64-bit-only, but since I tend to only put distributions I really like on the laptop proper I don't see that as much of an issue. I'll keep you all posted and perhaps take some screenshots of my own during the process. (HowTos)