Bootloader installation failed - best way to install it ?

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http://chakra-project.org – Hello,I tried to install Chakra Claire with tribe, but the installation of the bootloader failed miserabily at the end of the installation (in fact, it's seems to be the same problem like this post : http://chakra-project.org/bbs/viewtopic.php?id=8433). I have two partitions on /dev/sda :sda2 --> / ext4 35 Giosda4 --> /home ext4 120 GioI have also two others HDDs format with NTFS filesystem.I tried to manually install grub by chroot on the system partition :sudo su mount /dev/sda2 /mnt cd /mnt chroot . grub-install /dev/sdaand the error message is :Embedding is not possible. GRUB ca (HowTos)