Booting Mandriva2010 from an external usb hard drive

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hi, I am new to linux and this is my first linux installation. I have windows vista already installed on my internal hard drive and i installed mandriva on the external usb drive. Since I already had some data on the external drive, I created two partition and installed mandriva on the second partition. I also installed mandriva default(GRUB) bootloader to the first partition of my external hard drive. The OS ran perfectly for the first few times .ie. i was able to boot to mandriva form my usb drive by changing the boot device ,as well as to vista when I set internal drive as the boot device. When I plugged in my external drive again and tried to boot form it, the boot timed out and the system booted from the internal drive (.ie. to vista). The only difference which happened from the first few runs and now is the order of the usb drives. i have one more usb storage media and it was also plugged in during the initial installation and run. Is there any way I can boot to mandriva from the externall usb hard drive the same way as it happened the first few times? I also want to be able to boot from the external HDD on any computer which supports usb booting to mandriva when I plug the drive in. Thank You (HowTos)