Booting issues with GRUB involving RAID and HDD's that have to be off during boot

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hardware: DX58SO & RS2BL080 Setup: There's 3x power supplies powering the system. One to mainboard, one to normal HDD's and Fans, and one to RAID array. The RAID is a 7 stack RAID5 using SATA interface for a SAS controller (hardware, not onboard). There's 5 SATA drives connected directly to the mainboard with the onboard RAID disabled, and the RAID card set as first boot device in sequence. The RAID is setup as a single chunk with an MBR partitioning on it contaning 3 primary partitions, ntfs, ntfs, ext4. GRUB was selected to install into the MBR during instalation. It is GRUB2. Problem: (HowTos)