booting with grub to non-/dev/sda partition

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http://www.kubuntuforums.net – Hi there - short version: if I want to boot to partition /dev/sdc2 (GPT) from the main grub menu on /dev/sda (MBR, booted non-UEFI on UEFI mobo), do I need to do the whole "BIOS Boot Partition" thing and install grub to /dev/sdc, or is there a better/easier/simpler way? long version: Dual boot Win8 and 13.04 on /dev/sda, which is MBR. My mobo is UEFI, but it's booting to grub non-UEFI (long story). Because I installed kubuntu from a flash drive which was booted UEFI, the grub package installed was grub-efi rather than grub-pc. Booting things on /dev/sda is working fine. (HowTos)