Booting F11 Without a Monitor Attached

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have what is essentially a server that I have running in my living room that I do not want to attach a keyboard/mouse/monitor too. I do want to be able to VNC into it to perform some tasks. The problem is that it will not boot up correctly without a monitor attached. Without the monitor attached, it does not start X. I can ssh into the box, but I cannot startx because it bounces back an error saying that no monitors were detected. If I boot it up without a monitor attached and then attach one, I can startx. Essentially I want the box to boot exactly the same regardless of whether or not the monitor is attached. I know that there are similar threads to this (I did read them and try them before posting this, but no response have helped). Thanks for your help. (HowTos)