Booted fedora disk and lost 50% of hard drive

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I downloaded a copy of fedora yesterday and stuck the disk in, i only booted it, something was wrong with the disk or something but i gave me an error everytime i clicked "install to hard drive" but anyways, so i took the disk out and booted back into vista, first off, it went to the screen saying vista needs to check for errors and couldn't fix the problem and shut down, then i started again and it loaded fine, but once i was logged in, i found the D: portion of my drive was gone from the menu, my computer came with a 160gb hard drive and now i've only got 80 gb's showing on my c: drive...... anybody here know where that other 80 gigs would be hiding? im not worried about the files so much as i am at loosing the space i know was once there (HowTos)