Boot to USB

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – I'm want my syslinux bootloader to be able to boot a (bootable) USB,when the bootloader is started from a HDD so that it can use TrueCrypt encrypted partitions.I'm using syslinux, and I don't want to switch to grub, because I prefer syslinux.When syslinux was installed, syslinux.cfg contained an commented setup from chainloading Windows:LABEL windowsCOM32 chain.c32APPEND hd0 0Changing "APPEND hd0 0" to "APPEND hd0 1" will boot /dev/sda1"APPEND hd0 0" should boot the MBR code in /dev/sda.But if I have one USB with a bootable MBR in my computer, and t (HowTos)