Boost cross compiling for arm, toolset not recognized despite definition in user-config.jam

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http://stackoverflow.com – I am try to cross-compile boost 1.52.0 for a freescale ARM processor board from a PC running Linux. Based on the (rather minimal) documentation on cross compiling boost, I have set up with a user-config.jam file that reads as follows: using gcc : arm : /mnt/lv1/src/ROM1210/cross_compiler/arm-fsl-linux-gnueabi/bin/arm-fsl-linux-gnueabi-g++ ; I then ran bootstrap.sh --prefix=`realpath ../tools` ./b2 toolset=gcc-arm The results were: /mnt/lv1/src/ROM1210/extras/boost_1_52_0/tools/build/v2/tools/gcc.jam:107: in gcc.init from module gcc error: toolset gcc initialization: error: version 'ar (HowTos)