Blu-ray working for Linux?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I need a large capacity optical drive for backup/restore only. I started running mythTV and I am slowly filling my HDD storage with keeper media. Now, I would like to start offloading it all to something which will hold it without resorting to such as split/compression. I see that these Blu-ray drives can hold 25 and 50 GB of media. But, as I search Google for the words "linux Blu-ray" I haven't seen anything that says definitively, Linux can power this device. Are there drivers, archive tools, K3B, et.al. which can take care of this backup need?? I do not take part in any media rental,viewing of any DRM, MPAA, RIAA stuff. My needs are solely for data storage and replay of public TV shows. (HowTos)