BIOS Update, Grub, BOOTMGR issues

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello: PC: Thinkpad T500 1. I had for one year F10 and Vista Ultimate working in dual boot with Grub. Three days ago Lenovo support recommended I update my BIOS from 2.07 to 3.12, as I had some intermitent Sleep problems in Vista. Then my problems started. 2. First, after updating the BIOS from Vista (dowloaded the exe, double clicked it, gone through the whole sequence with no errors), upon the first restart, the screen was black and I couldn't get in BIOS with F1 and the same happened during other power-off/power on seqeuences. BTW, the choice of OS was not presented (by Grub, I guess) in the boot sequence any more either. 3. Just by chance, I observed that after 10min of so of black PC screen, suddenly it seemed that Grub was able to find the F10 partition and F10 booted perfectly. All the programs seemed there. Also by chance, in another boot sequence, I found myself in BIOS menu, and the new version (3.12) was reported as being installed. All partitions (both Linux and Windows) were there when checked with fdisk in Fedora, but there was only a boot (*) flag, and seemingly not on the largest Windows partition, where I expected it to be. None of the Linux partitions were shown with bootable flag. I think I saw in this forums bugs reported on Grub and the bootable flag (not sure if it was after BIOS updates). They may be fixed now, but pls remember my version is F10. 4. It seems that the F10 version of fdisk can't toggle the bootable flag on a partition, so I went ahead and used parten. I made the largest Windows partition bootable, but left all the Linux partions with no such flag, as didn't want to make too many changes at a time. 5. Problem is, now the system, after many minutes, doesn't boot the F10 anymore, but gives me the BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl +Alt+Del to restart and upon each restart I'm brought to this point again, without getting to Fedora any more. This means, I can't get to parten to change the boot flags back. Any ideas? I don't have the Grub disk which is talked about here, but I must have around the F10 installation disks and I think there's a rescue mode in one of them. Somehow I get the feeling it's all a Grub issue. Thanks in advance. (HowTos)