Bios selecting trouble with pcsx2 on Mac

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http://superuser.com – I finally succeeded to download and make work the pcsx2 emulator on my Mac but each time I quit and reopen the software, the bios file gets changed like : from Desktop/PS2/biosto Desktop/PS2/bios/PS2 and gives the error that the folder cannot be found. I also have a few more trouble with the emulator : when I try to play SSX3 (the rom is copied from an original CD), the games starts pretty well but crashes as soon as the gameplay starts with the error : Offset 0xee503290 invalid. Legit SIGSEGV. Aborting. pcsx2.sh: line 2: 51217 Segmentation fault: 11 ./pcsx2 I tried to run directly from th (HowTos)