BIND-resolving name (dig -x ipaddr answer: 0)

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – i configure bind and i cant access my fqdn in another pc. but my server is running when nslookup but when dig -x "addr" it OUTPUTS ANSWER: 0. what's missing. im configuring this locally and i do not own apc.com nslookup > Server: Address: name = rolem.apc.com. > 8.192.in-addr.arpa name = rolem.apc.com. > rolem.apc.com Server: Address: Name: rolem.apc.com Address: root@rolem named]# dig rolem.apc.com ; <<>> DiG 9.8.2rc1-RedHat-9.8.2-0.17.rc1.el6_4. (HowTos)