Best way to Partition fedora during install

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi all, I've just got a new laptop running windows vista 64 bit but going to be removing that & installing fedora 11 on it & seeing as Ubuntu doesn't come with a pae kernel as standard yet, fedora is the way to go :). the Hard drive is 2x500 gigs running in raid 0 mode here's how I would like to install fedora Partition for the software that I install (the main file Partition) Partition for swap Partition for temporary files Partition for my home Partition what's the best way to go around doing that? (that's means using 250 gig Partition's for each, which I don't mind doing) I've never Partitioned a drive before as I've always let the OS do it for me, but this time I want to Partition it myself Or as anybody get other better way's I'm open to Idea's cheers (HowTos)