Best tablet under 400$

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http://forum.xda-developers.com – Hello! I want to buy myself a tablet. This would be my first tablet! I want to know what would be the best tablet that cost less than $ 400, or at least around $ 400! I use a tablet to play games, watch movies .. and that's all. Of course, some broswing. I thought I take Nexud 7 32 GB + 3 G. After, I found the Asus Transformer 300 and I was thinking and Nexus 10. I would not want to encounter any lag, and personally I'd like Nexus 7 for several reasons. What do you say? P.S. I saw the Asus Transformer 300 resolution is pretty small, exactly like the one on the Nexus 7.So, a 10“ tablet have a (HowTos)