Best Red Hat solution for traffic Load Balance without additional hardware

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi experts, I have two Red Hat entreprise Linux 5 servers running the same applications, my goal is to load balance the incoming traffic between these two servers without adding an additional hardware as load balancer, the incoming traffic is basically Web traffic and on the servers, Apache and PHP are running. Red Hat solutions that I found are: 1- LVS 2- Piranha 3- Red Hat cluster suite. Can LVS run on one of the real servers (or both servers, for redundancy issues) and load balance the traffic between its server and the other one? If yes, will LVS has a big impact on the CPU/memory usage? How can I estimate this usage if I know how much traffic is coming and the HW specs? Same questions for Piranha. Can I install Red Hat cluster suite on these two servers, and configure it in a way that the virtual IP is on different server for different request (taking in consideration that the same session will be always served by the same server)? Finally, is there any other/better solution (Prefer Red Hat solutions) that can fit my requirements to load balance the traffic without additional hardware? (HowTos)