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http://www.unix.com – Hi Friends, I have a script like this Code: cat script #!/bin/bash #Name: name #Task: name #$ -e /path/to/error/logfile/err.log #$ -o /path/to/output/logfile/out.log I have a list of commands like this Code: cat commands cat 1.txt > 2.txt cat 23.bed > 789.alm zcat 1.gz > 1.txt My request is that Now for each line in my command file, I would like to make a script file. So, that I get 3 script files with increasing err and out log file numbers like this. Code: cat script1 #!/bin/bash #Name: name #Task: name #$ -e /path/to/error/logfile/err1.log #$ -o /path/to/ou (HowTos)