.bashrc: shopt: not found

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http://serverfault.com – Just provisioned a new Rackspace instance with Ubuntu 12.04 and pulled down rbenv from their github and installed it. I'm getting the following errors when executing . ./~bashrc $ . ~/.bashrc sh: 18: /home/deployer/.bashrc: shopt: not found sh: 26: /home/deployer/.bashrc: shopt: not found sh: 110: /home/deployer/.bashrc: shopt: not found sh: 28: /etc/bash_completion: [[: not found sh: 34: /etc/bash_completion: [[: not found sh: 51: /etc/bash_completion: Bad substitution Here is my .bashrc (for user deployer), the only thing I added was the rbenv bit at the top. $ cat .bashrc # ~/.bashrc: (HowTos)