Bash script not executing from crontab

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http://askubuntu.com – I have the following bash script: #!/bin/bash mysqldump -u ******** -p******** --all-databases | gzip > /home/srvlinux01/MySQLBackups/database_$(date +\%Y-\%m-\%d).sql.gz which is located in /home/srvlinux01/MySQLBackups/ as backup.sh with the following permissions -rwxr--r-- 1 root root 134 feb 27 12:48 backup.sh I've set up a cronjob on sudo crontab -e to run it every day, at night #Automatic MySQL backup 30 3 * * * sh /home/srvlinux01/MySQLBackups/backup.sh But I get emailed the following error: sh: 0: Can't open /home/srvlinux01/MySQLBackups/backup.sh I've b (HowTos)