Bash script for mysql backup - error handling

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http://serverfault.com – I'm trying to backup a bunch of MyISAM tables in a way that would allow me to rsync/rdiff the backup directory to a remote location. I've came up with a script that dumps only the recently changed tables and sets the date of the file so that rsync can pick up only the changed ones, but now I don't know how to do the error handling - I would like the script to exit with a non 0 value if there are errors. How could I do that? #/bin/bash BKPDIR="/var/backups/db-mysql" mkdir -p $BKPDIR ERRORS=0 FIELDS="TABLE_SCHEMA, TABLE_NAME, UPDATE_TIME" W_COND="UPDATE_TIME >= DATE_ADD(CURDATE(), INTERV (HowTos)