Banshee music file copy to Mac iPhone 4s ios5.1 not permanent

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http://askubuntu.com – In Ubuntu 12.04 - When I drag .mp3 files from Banshee 2.6 to my Mac-formatted iPhone 4s ios5.1: a. Banshee says it's syncing with the phone, updating the media database, and the filecount on the phone is incremented; b. The files show up under the device in Banshee and I can play them; c. I can see them on the iPhone in a file browser; d. I can navigate to the iPhone filesystem in a terminal and create a file, so I know I have write permissions. When I disconnect the device in Banshee, it again tells me it's syncing the phone and updating the media database, but I can't find the songs on the (HowTos)