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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi all, How does everyone backup their data, ie /home ?? By that I don't mean what program do you use, but what method do you use? Specifically maintaining permissions etc. I have a problem whereby I had an old computer I was running 11.1 on, and I got a newer computer to put 11.2 on. All I did was copy my documents, pictures etc onto a usb stick and then copied them back onto my new computer. However I have a lot of problems with permissions, eg saying I do not have write permissions for this folder or file or whatever. I have been able to get around by using chmod command on the specific files. Is there another way perhaps I should have backed up my files that will maintain permissions. Or is it simply because I have restored them to a different computer with a different user name / computer name ? What is a good simple method of backing up data to say a usb stick or perhaps CD/DVD ? Is K3B data project a good way and will it maintain permissions etc if I restore from it? Thanks in advance. (Distributions)