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http://www.daniweb.com – Hi friends, I have a multi form(actually is one whole form, but split into multiple forms). From the image seen When i typed the name data in Form 1, and click the next button and go to Form 2... In Form 2 when i typed the Email data..and then i realize, the name data that i entered in Form 1, is wrong, so, I click the <Back button in Form 2..and i go in but i dont see the data that i typed in, then when i click the next button in Form1 to go to Form 2> I cant see the data thats been typed in Form 2 also.. I can insert the data into table, If i just go forward.... >> ie: Form1 -> Form 2 -> Result. How can this problem be solved? I want to see the data's that been typed in, either if they go <back or Forward>.. Can some1 guide me with this.. Thanks, Tryphy Attached Images form.jpg (36.4 KB) (General)