AWS Scales Relational Database Service By Tripling Storage And IOPs

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http://techcrunch.com – Amazon Web Services (AWS) is tripling the amount of storage that can be provisioned for each Relational Database Service (RDS) database instance. As posted on its blog, AWS is also tripling the number of IOPS: You can now create DB instances (MySQL or Oracle) with up to 3 TB of storage (the previous limit was 1 TB) and 30,000 IOPS (previously, 10,000). DB instances running SQL Server can scale to 1 TB of storage and 7,000 IOPS. For a workload with 50% reads and 50% writes running on an m2.4xlarge instance, you can realize up to 25,000 IOPS for Oracle and 12,500 IOPS for MySQL. However, by (IT news)