That awkward moment when a tablet is so generic it doesn't even know what it is.

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http://androidforums.com – Board: nuclear Product: nuclear_evb Model: M805 Device: nuclear-evb Build: 08V1-P1-H1-H02-BT40.20120814 Ployer/nuclear_evb/nuclear-evb:4.0.4/IMM76D/20120726:eng/test-keys Manufacturer: unknown Brand: Ployer CPU ABI: armeabi-v7a Kernel Linux version 3.0.8+ (inet_wzh@inetsuperserver) (gcc version 4.5.1 (Sourcery G++ Lite 2010.09-50) ) #3 PREEMPT Wed Jul 25 23:20:12 CST 2012 Ripped from setCPU. I'm dying from laughter and I don't know why haha. (General)