AWK? parsing /etc/passwd file.

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http://www.unix.com – Hello guys, please help me to make simple script for parsing passwd file. I have many passwd files from our servers, named server1.pass, server2.pass etc.. so for server in `ls *.pass` i need to print these rows: server1;root:!:0:0::/root:/usr/bin/ksh server1;user1:!:10166:10010:Admin:/home/user1:/bin/ksh server1;user2:!:10167:10010:Admin:/home/user1:/bin/ksh server2;user1:!:10168:10010:Admin:/home/user1:/bin/ksh server2;user2:!:10169:10010:Admin:/home/user1:/bin/ksh etc.. in one accounts.csv file i have to skip all system accounts ( guess < 50 uid) but i need root account included. Than (HowTos)