awk match and merge with 2 files

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http://www.unix.com – Dear Awk experts! I have been trying to get a one liner for a match and merge operation, but having difficulties as I'm an awk newb. I always get stuck on the match and merge with 2 files. I have 2 files as follows: File 1: Code: field 1,field 2,field 3,field 4,field 5,field 6,field 7,field 8,field 9 1,first,yes,blah,1,[email protected],m,12345,test 1 2,second,yes,this,1,[email protected],n,22222,test 2 3,third,no,that,1,[email protected],n,44444,test 4 4,fourth,no,ok,1,[email protected],f,57657,test 3 File 2: (field separator is ":" in this file) Code: field 1:field 2 12345:additional1 44444:addi (HowTos)