awk Arrays

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http://www.unix.com – So I'm back once again beating my head off a wall trying to figure out how to get this to work. My end goal is to take input such as what's below, which will be capture in real time with a tail -f from a file or piped output from another command: Code: [2013/01/20 19:19:19] mod=syn|cli=|srv=|subj=cli|os=Windows 7 or 8|dist=0|params=none|raw_sig=4:128+0:0:1460:8192,0:mss,nop,nop,sok:df,id+:0 [2013/01/20 19:19:19] mod=mtu|cli=|srv=|subj=cli|link=Ethernet or modem|raw_mtu=1500 [2013/01/20 19:19:19] mod=syn|cli=192.168.1 (HowTos)