Automatically mount (i.e. automount) all external devices

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hey hey! In F17-Gnome (a fresh install), mounting is taken care of by Nautilus. That is, I insert an external device (e.g. Harddrive or USB) and it shows up as munted in Nautilus. Now, I'm using F17-LXDE (a fesh install), where the mounting is done by PCmanFM. This is all good but nowhere near perfect. I want F17 to automatically mount all external devices, whether Nautilus or PCmanFM are running or not. This is because if I want to access an external device from, say Ranger, I first have to start Nautilus or PCmanFM for a fraction of a second just to get the device mounted. That's re (HowTos)