Automatic Startup of Oracle 11gR2 on CentOS 6.3

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I've setup a handful of CentOS 5.6 servers with Oracle 11gR2 and not run into this particular problem, but I have hit a wall with CentOS 6.3 and auto-starting Oracle. Not sure if this is related to the newer release of CentOS or me having a PEBKAC moment, but I need a hand. I've got a working install of Oracle 11gR2 on CentOS 6.3. It runs and is functional. Now I just want it to start with the server. To that end, I've done the following things I usually do: Created /etc/init.d/oracle: #!/bin/bash # # oracle Init file for starting and stopping # Oracle Database. Script is valid for 10g and (HowTos)