Automatic shutdown and startup of Tomcat in Solaris

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http://www.unix.com – Dear Experts , I want to stop and Start tomcat at the time of shutdown and startup of our server . I was trying to stop tomcat with following command Code: # su - dm -c "/export/home/Finder/FinderWeb/jakarta-tomcat-3.3.1a/bin/shutdown.sh" but i am getting following error. Please suggest . Code: Oracle Corporation      SunOS 5.10      Generic Patch  January 2005 Erase is Backspace Using classpath: /export/home/Finder/FinderWeb/jakarta-tomcat-3.3.1a/bin/../lib/tomcat.jar Using JAVA_HOME: /usr/bin/.. Using TOMCAT_HOME: . Stopping Tomcat. (HowTos)