AutoFS + NFS4 strange mount behavior on one machine but not the other

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I have a desktop, server and laptop and NFS4 working fine on all, can mount between one another no prob. I just set up AutoFS and the laptop+server work great, but the laptop+desktop is exhibiting strangeness. I want to have the laptop mount on the desktop at /var/autofs/net/cl-extra, however when I ls or cd to /var/autofs/net, I see the cl-extra dir there, but cd'ing into it shows "no such file or directory." and it is only when I ls/cd to cl-extra, get that error, and then ls/cd back to /var/autofs/net that I can see the contents of the mount. And of course now it only mounts to (HowTos)