Auto-upgrade from 10 to 11 - first boot problems

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi all, First time poster. Today I went through the process of upgrading to 11 from 10 via the prompt which flashed up on my screen as a system update. This all seemed to go though fine, everything looked as if it downloaded ok and it proceeded to install seemingly without any problems. The new GRUB loader appeared on my screen with the new installation of 11 and "other" (Vista) as options, chose 11 got the usual white and blue loading bars. Then the computer just hung, black screen with a flashing cursor. Could accept text inputs, but it wasn't an actual terminal prompt, whenever I type anything in the cursor just goes to the next line. CTRL + ALT + DELETE reboots the computer, the first line I get is "disabling monthly smolt update", which to me implies that this smolt update is the thing hanging the computer. Anyone encountered this? Does anyone know how I can disable smolt without having booted into Fedora? I'd really rather not have to delete the Linux partition and reinstall, I've not backed up and so would lose rather a lot of data. Thanks to anyone who can shed light onto this, as you can probably tell I'm nothing like an expert on Linux yet. (HowTos)