Auto-mount additional LUKS volumes on boot (CentOS)

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – My google-fu is not strong. Can't find answers on this one. Maybe I'm googling the wrong stuff. Okay, so I just redid the server. Installed it something like this: /dev/sda1, /boot, ext2 (unencrypted) /dev/sda2, /, ext3 on luks (Planning on a swapfile if needed.) Installed via the normal install procedure for CentOS (used the 5.3 version of x86_64). My external hard drives - to which I run backups and such - are also encrypted with LUKS, but I did this manually. So, they're not mounted on boot. As it stands right now, I'm asked to provide a passphrase to unlock the cryptosystem on /dev/sda2. That works fine. 1) I'd also like to get the other to mount, preferably, on boot. Any way to change what LUKS volumes are opened on boot? OR 2) Any way to ensure that my externals will always be assigned the same device nodes? That way I could just write a script to be called by rc.local that opens the luks volumes (waiting for a password when run), mounts the filesystems, etc. In the way of additional explanation, one is Firewire and one is USB. It wouldn't be a huge deal to remote in and do this manually (especially given how seldom I reboot the box), but 1) I'm sharing an NFS export off of one of the externals 2) I'd like to run totally automated backups to the other one. (HowTos)