Authentication via USB with PAM

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http://stackoverflow.com – There is an application that is used to usb-stick based authentication, named pam_usb I am able to configure it for that in case if usb is not plugged, system does not allow to login. But what I ultimately want is that ssh (remote login) will not be affected by this configuration, I only want to disallow login-screen logging in front of computer if usb-stick is not plugged in? Using Ubuntu 12.04 /var/log/auth.log Jan 3 11:05:32 mymachine pam_usb[4889]: pam_usb v0.5.0 Jan 3 11:05:32 mymachine pam_usb[4889]: Authentication request for user "root" (sshd) Jan 3 11:05:32 mymachine pam_usb[4 (HowTos)