Authentication issues with KDE

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – This past weekend I performed a fresh install (formatted all the partitions) of Fedora 12. It was performed from an NFS share of the DVD ISO. Checksums matched on the ISO. I have both KDE and Gnome installed but so far have only used KDE. All updates have been applied. Issues: 1. In KDE, I set the PC to sleep after something like 20 minutes. The PC will enter sleep mode just fine and comes back from it. The issue I have is that when it comes back it returns me to my desktop without asking for a password. I have full access to use the PC as I normally would but a notification message immediately pops up telling me the PC will enter sleep mode in thirty seconds. If I don't tell it to cancel, the PC goes right back to sleep. When I wake the PC the second time it will prompt me for a password. If I hit cancel, KDE never prompts for the password. 2. I was updating today and KpackageKit allowed me to update without asking for a password. This was odd because I normally need to enter the root password two or three times to get things installed, once to make changes to the system and once to install signed packages. About a minute after updates completed, I received a notification that there were more updates, turns out all of the updates were never downloaded and applied. Kpackagekit asked for passwords the second time but ended up freezing up on a prompt saying it was waiting for authentication even though I had authenticated at all the prompts. I just killed the process at that point and ran yum to update. 3. Somewhat unrelated, all of the mixer settings keep being reset to zero, all of them. It doesn't seem to matter what programs I'm using or if anything is even playing over the speakers. The longest I can go without them all going back to zero is 30 seconds or so. My question is, Fedora 12 came out a while ago so I figured it should be pretty stable by now. Is KDE 4.4 really screwy in this version? How is Gnome working in 12? My impressions before I installed was that 12 was one of the more solid releases. I don't have time right now to troubleshoot issues in KDE so if Gnome is working well I can hold off playing with KDE until all the problems get hashed out. (HowTos)