Audacious problems with Pulseaudio [F11]

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Anybody know how to get Audacious working with PulseAudio in Fedora 11? With the PulseAudio output plug-in, it messes with the volume every time the track changes. My poor ears can't take the abuse... With the ALSA output plug-in, it crackles, pops, and plays too fast. With the OSS output plugin and padsp, it again messes with the volume, and sometimes I get the same behavior as the ALSA plug-in. I would rather not use PulseAudio, but it seems I can't use Totem without Pulseaudio. Edit: Never mind... after Googling and playing around with it a little more, found out that the ALSA plug-in works with Pulse if I adjust the buffer size to 1500 ms. (HowTos)