Attempting to access RAM /dev/mem... says "Operation not permitted" [migrated]

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http://stackoverflow.com – I am using Ubuntu 12.04 I read the following tutorial on how to access the contents of RAM in Linux.... http://www.rootninja.com/using-dd-to-search-for-strings-in-memory-or-dev... Code: dd if=/dev/mem | hexdump -C | grep “string to search for” So, I run the code... Code: sudo dd if=/dev/mem | hexdump -C > NAMEOFOUTPUTFILEHERE.txt And... it starts pumping out HEX code, until a few seconds later, where it says: dd: reading `/dev/mem': Operation not permitted 2056+0 records in 2056+0 records out 1052672 bytes (1.1 MB) copied, 0.44834 s, 2.3 MB/s So basically.. I am able to ge (HowTos)