Attemping to install Ubuntu 12.10 onto UEFI Windows 8 Asus laptop results in black screen after ¨try ubuntu without installing¨ and ¨install ubuntu¨

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http://askubuntu.com – I´ve been trying to follow every guide I see about installing ubuntu onto a UEFI laptop, but so far nothing has worked. Basically I want to overwrite windows 8 with ubuntu, so I never have to see it again. I installed ubuntu 12.10 64 bit with pendrive onto a USB, went into the computer BIOS, set the usb drive as the priority, disabled fastboot and secure boot. I then get to a screen that gives the options ¨Try Ubuntu without installing¨, ¨Install Ubuntu¨ and ¨Check disk for defects¨. It´s the kind of screen that´s a very basic black screen with those options, no Ubuntu logo or any oth (HowTos)