AT&T DSL Bizarre configuration 11.0 & WinXP

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Here's a really strange situation. I subscribed to AT&T DSl a year ago and was running 9.3, switched to 11.0, all worked - up until now. Now the connection is out as much as is on. The only support you can get from AT&T is their dopey call centers - and Linux is NOT supported, so I had to boot into XP. They had me: a) hard reset the Innoband 8012-G1 Modem; b) NOT reconnect via the browser based interface; c) connect ONLY using their dopey software. They said that the connection, that way, is much more reliable. The fourth LED (internet) using this procedure is out! Seemed to be a good connection. Netstat -r shows differences in connection: w/ ATT software connect, there is an additional interface! 0x20005...00 53 45 00 00 00....WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface w/ an IP of (the modem is So, connecting w/ their software is doing something different. Now we boot to 11.0 Fourth LED comes on, and the connection is poor. Here is the really bizarre part: I had never configured the DSL modem! SuSe was not aware that there was this device! It was completely transparent! And it worked well! Then I go to Yast, configure the DSL modem, Provider, and Kinternet. Now there is NO internet connection! I have to delete the DSL configuration to make a connection! hwinfo --dsl probed for PPoE, and found nothing! So, where is this additional interface (in XP) coming from? If I ping the modem ( the response is ~ 3 ms (obviously local) If I ping, the response is ~ 54 ms - not local. The computer that is connected to the DSL Modem is acting as a router for an internal network. In Linux, I frequently cannot call up the DSl Modem in a browser - that looks like a local problem, but I don't believe it is. So, here is what I have: a) All worked well w/ SuSe 9.3 & 11.0 until just lately. b) The DSL modem was NEVER configured in Linux. c) The connection is great in XP w/ the Internet LED OUT! I think there is something to be learned here, but I haven't figured it out yet. How do I reproduce the ATT software connection in Linux? Is the additional interface (PPP/SLIP) somewhere on the internet? Any ideas? (Distributions)