ATI Drivers - Some questions

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I have a relatively new PC, AMD 785 North Bridge device. I have not seen specific references to this device, but have generally had luck with drivers aimed at the "AMD 7xx" family. Under Suse 11.1, fglrx_02(from repository) and Catalyst 9.11 (from ATI) loaded and ran fine. I also tried what I believe was Xorg radeonhd, but am now not sure if it was radeon or radeonhd. I have updated to 11.2. So far, I have been running the repository radeonhd driver, but cannot get suspend-to-ram to come back alive and believe it is video issue. I set up the video using Code: SaX2 -r -m 0=radeonhd at level 3 in a console, then init 5. Seems to run OK. But why, when I execute Code: lsmod|grep radeon do I see nothing? I have also looked thru the entire lsmod output, do not see anything that looks like radeon or radeonhd. I can't say for sure that it is not the VESA driver running - any thoughts out there? I expect that fglrx_02 and Catalyst 9.11 would load and run, but prior experience says they will not play well with S2RAM. I went to try the Xorg radeon driver, which supposedly is still different than radeonhd, to see if it would suspend properly. But I don't see it in the 11.2 repository, only radeonhd - anyone know why? (Distributions)