ath9k + ar9280 oddness

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – History of the Problem:I was at Milwaukee Airport earlier this week, authenticated with their AP but was unable to get an IP address. I killed wpa_supplicant and went to run it again, this time, there was no authentication. Running 'iwlist wlan0 scan' returned with no results. This has been the case everywhere since then. The card was working like a champ up until that fateful day @ MKE.I upgraded my kernel to today in an attempt to get my roommate's rt3572 USB wifi card running to no avail, but this is a separate issue. The onboard Atheros 9280 card worked under the default Slack64 13 kernel. I also tested the card under Ubuntu 9.10 and Backtrack 4 live distros, neither of those worked. I took a peek at the physical wireless card and the antennae are securely fastened. The laptop is a Dell Studio 1440/14z. Current Status: uname -rmp Code: x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU    T6500  @ 2.10GHz lshw -C network Code: *-network DISABLED       description: Wireless interface       product: AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express)       vendor: Atheros Communications Inc.       physical id: 0       bus info: pci@0000:11:00.0       logical name: wlan0       version: 01       serial: 00:22:5f:be:ee:ff       width: 64 bits       clock: 33MHz       capabilities: pm msi pciexpress msix bus_master cap_list ethernet physical wireless       configuration: broadcast=yes driver=ath9k latency=0 multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11abgn       resources: irq:21 memory:f0300000-f030ffff lsmod|grep ath Code: ath9k                277645  0 ath                    8336  1 ath9k mac80211              159642  1 ath9k cfg80211              119362  3 ath9k,ath,mac80211 led_class              2545  1 ath9k dmesg|grep -e ath -e wlan Code: md: multipath personality registered for level -4 ath9k 0000:11:00.0: PCI INT A -> Link[Z00N] -> GSI 21 (level, low) -> IRQ 21 ath9k 0000:11:00.0: setting latency timer to 64 ath: EEPROM regdomain: 0x60 ath: EEPROM indicates we should expect a direct regpair map ath: Country alpha2 being used: 00 ath: Regpair used: 0x60 phy1: Selected rate control algorithm 'ath9k_rate_control' Registered led device: ath9k-phy1::radio Registered led device: ath9k-phy1::assoc Registered led device: ath9k-phy1::tx Registered led device: ath9k-phy1::rx ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready ifconfig -a Code: eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:24:e8:ff:ff:ff           inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:           inet6 addr: fe80::224:e8ff:feff:ffff/64 Scope:Link           UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:1           RX packets:24571 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0           TX packets:16602 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0           collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000           RX bytes:29732786 (28.3 MiB)  TX bytes:1892432 (1.8 MiB)           Interrupt:29 Base address:0xe000 lo        Link encap:Local Loopback           inet addr:  Mask:           inet6 addr: ::1/128 Scope:Host           UP LOOPBACK RUNNING  MTU:16436  Metric:1           RX packets:34 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0           TX packets:34 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0           collisions:0 txqueuelen:0           RX bytes:1820 (1.7 KiB)  TX bytes:1820 (1.7 KiB) wlan0    Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:22:5f:ff:ff:ff           BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:1           RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0           TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0           collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000           RX bytes:0 (0.0 B)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 B) *** Note the lack of wmaster0. *** ifconfig wlan0 up Code: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 132 Questions At this point I'm pretty much stuck on: 1) Why isn't wmaster0 showing up? 2) In the previous kernel, ath_pci was loaded and things seemed to be working, could this be part of the problem? - It sounds like the new version of the kernel shouldn't require the madwifi driver....? 3) Classes start tomorrow and me wifi isn't working...yaargh! :-) - Harley (HowTos)